Let me help you to cum with Abby Cross

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Your son's girlfriend Abby has been staying at your place to save money while she is in college. She wants to thank you for your generosity. She also wants to ask you about your comment at dinner the other night when you stated that your sex life is not that exciting. Maybe Abby can help you out since you have been so kind to her? She won't have sex with you, but she is willing to help you to jerk off. She asks you to take your dick out of your pants and she is curious whether there is a father-son resemblance in dick size. Abby asks you to stroke off and you follow her lead. You are not used to any positive attention from a sexy girl so much younger than you are. Don't be shy because Abby has seen you looking at her. She knows you are attracted to her and she doesn't mind. In fact, she is excited to take off her bra and let you see her tits. They are perky and firm. You have not seen boobs like this in many years. She slides down her tight shorts and shows off a perfect ass. Asses like hers do not come along often enough for a man like you, do they? You feel as though your cock has never before been as hard as it is at this very moment and you are not letting go of it. Abby only wants you to cum today. That is her one goal and when she spies the precum dripping out of the head of your dick, she knows that she is doing a fine job with you. You are nearly ready to cum and Abby continues to encourage your stroking. You blow your load more powerfully than you have in quite a few years and you are not shy about depositing it all over your son's sexy girlfriend