A predicament with my teacher Allysin

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Allysin is your teacher and she knows that you were cheating on a test. She wants to know why you cheated because she thinks that you seem to have a lot going for you. She presents two options to you. One option presented is expulsion, which seems extreme. The other option is to learn some respect, release your boy tension, and spend a little time with Miss Allysin. You decide that the second option is preferable and your lesson begins. She orders you to the floor and she notes that you are nervous. Just follow her instructions and everything will be okay. You have a close look at her shoes and her legs, both of which make your dick stand at attention. She asks you to rub your dick through your pants, but you cannot take it out yet. Miss Allysin asks if your dick is pressing against your zipper yet and she appears to be very horny for you. When you are permitted to take your dick out of your pants, she asks you to lay on the floor on your back and present your dick to her. You are concerned, but you must trust her. One of her feet is now stepping on your engorged cock as she demands that you apologize for cheating. Finally she begins telling you how to stroke your dick. Use long, hard strokes and use lots of saliva as you do so. You never really paid much attention to Miss Allysin before, but you are now totally attracted to her. Her blond hair, eye glasses, and sexy body now on display before you are more than you can handle. You wonder what her pussy tastes like as you jack off. Pulling her panties to the side, she tells you to think about what she must taste like and what her pussy might look like filled with your cum. She fingers herself as she begs you to cum on her pussy and you do as you are told