Feeding my cum to my friend's daughter

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Your attraction to Addie (your best friend's daughter) is clear and you now find that she returns your feelings. Addie takes your dick into her hand out of the blue and then she confesses that watching you get yourself off to her is what she wants to see. You eagerly take your dick into your hand as Addie shows off her small titties. She is so excited to watch you jack off that she cannot resist playing with her pussy. Her finger works her clit for a while before she turns over and raises her ass into the air. She wiggles and shakes her ass as you continue stroking off. Use both hands and go faster because Addie is ready for a big load. Your hand moves faster and faster as you prepare to give deposit your spunk down Addie's eager gullet. She doesn't spill a drop and she promises another encounter with you very soon. Starring Addie Juniper