Aaliyah's scouting adventure

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Aaliyah is going from house to house to sell her homemade cookies for her troop. You are the first person to let her in today and you are willing to listen to her sales pitch. After all, how often do 18-year-old blonds in skimpy troop uniforms stop by your house? Aaliyah is a highly motivated salesgirl and you cannot resist. You snatch the bag of cookies from her hand and then you take out your dick. Aaliyah is a little concerned, but since she said she would do anything for a sale, you are taking her up on the offer. Though she removes her patch-covered sash, you want more than that. She shyly agrees to remove more clothing, but you have to promise to buy more of her cookies. You would agree to anything at this point. Now that her small titties have been revealed, you are inspired to jerk yourself off even more than you were before. When you ask her to remove her skirt, she becomes embarrassed because she is wearing no panties. You assure her that you do not mind at all, so she takes down her skirt. Her hand mimics the movement of your hand moving up and down your cock and she seems quite pleased that you are enjoying yourself so much. She wants to see you cum because she has never seen it before and you decide that the best view for her first time would be on her knees in front of you. She complies and she encourages you to keep stroking till you cum for her. When you shoot your load, she squeals with delight. You do love supporting troop girls in any way that you can