Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Jacking it to Amiee's small boobs

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Starring Amiee Cambridge Aimee is really upset and she needs someone to talk to and it happens that you are that person. Her boyfriend dumped Aimee for a girl with really big boobs and now she wonders if he would come back to her if she got a boob job. She asks if you think that guys like little boobs and you tell her that you do. Aimee thinks you are just trying to make her feel better, but that is not the case. You really do like small boobs, especially ones like hers with puffy nipples. Aimee notices that you are getting a boner and she now believes that you are being truthful with her. You are her step father, so why would you lie? Aimee wants to thank you for making her feel better about her boobs by making you feel better. Take your dick out and let Aimee work her magic. She peels off her tight jeans as you work your dick. If her mother were still alive, you would not be interacting with her like this, but you have needs that you think Aimee can meet. Her pierced pussy turns you on so much that you almost cannot breathe. Aimee moves close enough that you are able to empty your balls right onto her small titties