Freebie Tuesday

Stripping down for my step brother

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Starring A J Applegate AJ is your unbelievably sexy step sister. She needs to use the car and she has to go through you to get it. She can either take the car keys from you, or she will strip for you. It is your choice and you quickly choose that AJ should strip for you. She is even going to let you jerk off while she gets naked. Your step sister is awesome! You begin to jerk yourself off and AJ is immediately pleased with your cock. Her perfectly perky titties beckon to you, but she reminds you that you cannot touch her. Keep your hands on your dick and watch her. Now that she is naked in front of you, your thoughts race. You have never even seen a real girl in the nude before...well, not in person, that is. With all the porn you have watched, you determine that AJ is definitely hot enough that she could also be in pornos. She finally turns around to let you gaze upon her ass and you like what you see. Her ass is round and just perfect. AJ asks you to hurry along because it will soon be time for her to leave for the night. You pick up your stroke pace and give your older step sister a very nice load of jizz