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revengeful ex fuk wife in front of hubby



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VOLUME ONE.....This is the first of the videos that will tell the story of how my hubby became my faithful cuckold I have just come home from an amazing date with my husband. Was so good to be one on one with each other with no work distractions and I told him so. I decided I wanted to get myself something and ask hubby if he wants anything and as I open the door of our bedroom I hear a knock. Not even sure I really heard it I ask him if he also heard that? Another knock....Angered I yell "who the fuck is it?" Louder knock. Oh fuck it is probably my junkie sister I will be right back I am not giving her any more money. Looking at the closed door you hear my startled cry...what are you doing here? No you cannot come in, my husband is home you know. No stop it ...please...the door opens and I am pushed through the door. You are shocked to see my ex boyfriend staring at you. He was wrongly accused of attempted manslaughter when he defended himself in a bar fight and went away for five years and was not surprised at all to hear I had already moved on and got married. He is here for revenge. I tell my husband to please just be quiet he just wants to fuck me. No one will be hurt if you just watch and do not do anything. As my ex starts to touch me my husband can see I am instantly turned on. My hard nipples give me away. A part of me still loves him we were together for more years than me an hubby and I start to realize that my husband is getting turned on watching how much I enjoy my ex lover's black cock. Staring at hubby I ask you enjoy watching your wife get fucked by another man baby? OH GOD... I am so turned on. I love you are enjoying this. Stroke your cock and watch baby. I love you. I love you so much. Fuuuckkkk... His cock feels so good. OMG I am going to cum on his cock. Watch your wife getting ravished baby.. Make him watch his wife get fucked. Groaning, screaming, fuck faces, body shaking orgasm. Oh baby I love you. I love you so much. Watch me cum on his cock