Mommy Wants To Get Pregnant By Her Son



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My son went away to college 2 months ago. This weekend is the first chance I've had to go visit him. Before he left we had a very loving incestuous relationship. I'm the only woman that he has ever fucked. We made an agreement that he would be faithful to me while at college. But visiting him I begin to worry, I see the way all these college sluts look at him and flirt with him. I'm going to have to take drastic measures to keep him. So returning to my hotel room I quickly set my plan into motion. I seduce him with my sexy body. I tell him we are not leaving this hotel room all weekend. We are going to fuck the whole time. And Mommy is no longer on the pill so when I leave Monday morning I will hopefully be pregnant. He is a bit shocked but soon loves the idea. I'm so happy, I will not lose him. ***Solo video - sex simulated with dildo