Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday




British / ARIZONA
7:55 min - Oct 29 - .WMV - 294.10 MB


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Goldie does a sexy muscle pose off and strong woman with her friend flexing muscles and comparing then deciding to do lift and carry in different poses walking and squatting around the yard showing off sexy strong legs and gluts , Goldie going topless to show how heavy her big tits are lifting them up as the other girl lifts her up , in one front lift Goldie smothers the other with her big tits unable to lift them out of her face almost passing her out and dropping Goldie! Next Goldie decides to do piggy back rides with the larger girl around the yard doing some squats too until both girls are worked out and end with more cock tease muscle poses for you in the pool and butt and big tit tit lifts... for your cock tease pleasure