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Idelsy Love

Cuban / Las Vegas, NV
10:52 min - Nov 08 - .MP4 - 372.63 MB


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quot;I'm your dirty little cum-slut. You (Idelsy) are on the sitting on the floor with a sexy bikini on. You tell me to get on all fours and to start stroking my cock. I'm your loser slave, I'm co-erced to oblige. You (Idelsy) pose and tease for the camera while prominently featuring your perfect breasts and ass. You tell me that the only way I'm allowed to cum is if I consume it, and I have to consume it your way! Feel free to tease and humiliate me (no sph please). The two options for consumption are to clean it off the floor with my tongue or to shoot it directly into my mouth. During the cum countdown you flip a coin, if it's head I cum directly into my mouth, if it's tails I eat it off the floor. Feel free to cheat the coin flip for whatever outcome you (Idelsy) desire! After the viewer has done the dirty deed make sure to mock him for being a pathetic loser!!&quot