Down Jacket With Hood Dirty Talk Posing

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Brittany Lynn loves to wear down filled jackets. While she has a number of them that she loves to show off for you, she has chosen her beige down jacket with a hood to get you going this time around. She is bottomless and showing off her bald pussy and wastes no time getting down to what she wants from you. She knows you love her in a sexy down jacket and she wants you to fuck her while she is wearing the beige down jacket, but first she wants to tease you just a bit. She starts in with all kinds of dirty talk, with her beige down jacket being the focal point of the whole conversation. As she gives you slutty dirty talk she gets into depth about you fucking her while she is wearing the down jacket. She does a number of poses that each shows off another sexy part of her body, and her down jacket. She shows off her sexy legs, her tight ass, her sweet pussy, and even teases with the cleavage of her big tits by unzipping the down jacket a bit. All this show is for one thing and one thing only. She wants you to be wild for her and her down jacket. She ends by putting the hood up on her head and telling you to come over to her. She wants you bad and she wants you to pound her pussy like never before while she is wearing her hot down jacket. Included in this clip: Down Jacket, Dirty Talk, PVC - Vinyl, Bottomless, Bald Pussy, Tight Asses, Legs, Posing, Cleavage, Big Tits, Teasing, Beige Down Jacket, Jacket, Blondes, Brittany Lynn