Lets eat candy and get fat


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
5:07 min - Oct 29 - .MP4 - 201.87 MB


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5 Minute clip CLIP INCLUDES -YOUR GF BRINGS YOU CANDY AND TALKS ABOUT YOU BOTH EATING IT AND GAINING WEIGHT TOGETHER -GAINING WEIGHT -FAT -FAT ENCOURAGEMENT -EATING CANDY -CHEWING -MOUTH CLOSE UPS In this clip your Girlfriend Deanna (wearing orange eyeshadow and a cute sheer bat top) brings you home HALLOWEEN CANDY (Starburst). Clearly its just for you and her. In this clip she talks about you both getting FAT off the candy and eating it and eating it until you cant take it anymore!!! She eats some of the STARBURST for you as shes talking and you get nice views of her CHEWING and moaning about how good it tastes! She talks about halloween candy going on sale soon and you both can eat more of it together! Especially Chocolate