Devil Cheerleader Ass SMOT**HER


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
9:09 min - Oct 29 - .MP4 - 348.04 MB


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CLIP IS 9 MINUTES CLIP INCLUDES: -CHEERLEADER KNOWS THE NAUGHTY THINGS YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT HER AND DECIDES TO SHRINK YOU AND SMO&&8THER YOU WITH HER ASS -CHEERLEADER IS IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN -POV SHRINKING ASS SMO**ER -SQUASH -ALIENS AND MONSTERS -MAGIC CONTROL -POV ASS SMO&&ER -FEMDOM -FEMDOM POV -GIANTESS -TEASE -UPSKIRT -SHRINKING -SHRINKING BY MAGIC The new CHEERLEADER you had been eyeing all week shows up in your office unexpectedly...Shes in a different CHEERLEADER COSTUME then the team shes with...and shes much more PALE too... "Hi mr Johnson...I had to come back in and see you after what happened at tryouts this past week. What do I mean what happened? I saw you looking at me, I know what you were thinking. You think you can think those things about a girl and its ok? I know you were thinking you wanted to RAVAGE MY ASS. You look a little nervous. Wondering how I know huh? Well lets just say this is the true team Im with...." She moves her hair to show off her CHEERLEADER TOP that says "DEVILS 666" "Wondering what Im going to do with you huh? Well you fucked with the wrong DEVILS MINION." You hear a weird noise and she POKES YOU.....You wake up...Wondering what happened. Your not looking at her face to face now....Shes TALLER then you now? What? You are looking at her stomach and her skirt.... She cutely says "Hi...Are you wondering what your doing all the way down there? Well...Im in the process of SHRINKING you. Its what happens to all the bad men who think naughty naughty thoughts about young girls." She says as she turns and TEASES you with her SHORT SKIRT. "Oh dont worry...Your going to get even smaller...and then...This ass (She pulls up her skirt and reveals her ASS and RED PANTIES) is going to SMOT&&HER you. I know your probably excited about it now but just wait until you get a little smaller" She says cutely as she shows off her ASS to you. "This ASS might just eat you all up when you get even smaller! You might not even be able to BREATHE when its in your face! Just wait until the next time you wake up...This ASS will be SO MUCH BIGGER THEN YOU! Time to get back to sle889ep and get even SMALLER" she says and you hear that same noise and suddenly your awake and EVEN SMALLER! Shes a GIANT now!!! She says "Ahhh there we go! Thats more like it. How are you feeling now little guy? Good? Or more like SMALL and INSIGNIFICANT?" Your view is now barely at her knees but you look up as much as you can and see her tiny skirt. "Do you still want to do all those things to my ASS that you thought about all of cheerleading practice?" She taunts you knowing full well her now HUGE ASS and your SMALL BODY are such different sizes you could be CRUSHED! She rubs her JUICY ASS and shows it off to you while taunting you. She turns around so you see the front of her skirt now with the red and white pleats and PENTAGRAMS on them. Something happens and you wake up and your even SMALLER AGAIN!!! This is crazy!!! "Ah thats more like it now, huh couch?" Your so TINY that she looks to be 20 feet tall!!! Shes TOWERING over you! She giggles and asks if your excited to have this ASS all in your face. Her LEGS look like they could be miles and miles long! "Huh? What did you say coach? I cant hear you! Your just so small now I cant hear anything you have to say. Are you ready for this?" She says as she Slowly moves her ASS closer to your tiny body. You see her RED PANTIES thru her legs and that big ass