My New Pet


Goddess Joules Opia

American / Chicago
11:02 min - Oct 30 - .MP4 - 643.95 MB


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I bet you never thought the day would come when I would finally invite you home with me. I know you've been pining after me for quite a long time. The truth is, I'm not like other girls. I'll never be satisfied by their vanilla tastes. Starting to feel funny? Sip some more for me! I have to confess, I didn't bring you here for the reasons you think. I'm not really attracted to you in the way you want. I see you more as a pet and pets belong in cages. I'm going to lock your cock up in a chastity device, lock you up in my cage, and keep you as my pet! Feeling woozy yet? This erotic clip includes POV cage views, coe rced chastity, coe rced inebriation, cuckoldry, tease and denial, ass worship, and much, much more