Craigslist Rules

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NIKKI NEEDS A BOY TO JERK-OFF....SO SHE PLACES AN ADD ON CRAIGSLIST!! WITHIN MINUTES A BOY RESPONDS....AND NIKKI BEATS-OFF THE CRAIGSLIST STRANGER!!!! "CRAIGSLIST RULES!!!!" NIKKI PROCLAIMS WITH HER HANDS FULL OF CUM! What oh what is a Girl to do.....when She hasn't got a boy to Jerk-Off?? This is a question that has plagued us Girls for Years!! Nikki is experiencing "Jerk Withdrawal". She hasn't Jerked-Off a boy all day....and Her right arm is having spasms!! She is talking to Her friend, Andrea, on the phone....and tells Her that She was so desperate...She placed an Add on Craigslist looking for boys to drop their pants and let Her Beat them Off. Within minutes....Her Add gets a response!! Despite Her friends words of caution....Nikki gives the guy who responded....a complete, total Stranger.....Her home address!!! Seconds(!!) later.....there is a knock at the's him!!! Nikki introduces Herself to the Craigslist Stranger....and asks him to take his pants off....sit down....and Shut Up, while She begins to Jerk him Off. Nikki lets the Craigslist Stranger play with Her Big Boobs, and of course.....that makes the boy cum!!! "CRAIGSLIST RULES""" exclaims Nikki....and with Her hands still dripping with boy goo....She tells the Stranger to see himself out...and She places another Add