The Dragon Queen's Performance

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279 5.0
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turned_on - Top reviewer Feb 20
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this vid is sexy, beautiful and amazing! it's so hot you can see in kira's face how she is confident with the fire play but also knows how sexy it looks!

(also i'm kinda scared that ppl will think this is easy ... pls nobody play with fire like that without aaaallll the training)

Get ready for something you've never seen before! Kira Kandella will blow you away with her amazing, blazing circus skills! This Amazonian Fire Priestess controls the flame as she controls your cock! Spinning her dragon staff and fleshing her body, she can't help touching herself. Burning her ass, her nipples and even her cock! The flames will enchant you while making her hard as a rock! The Dragon Queen of your dreams is here to show you how it's done! Just absolutely mesmerizing to watch her perform! You definitely won't want to miss this one