Chikkin clothed sploshing and cake play



American / Arizona
10:28 min - Oct 30 - .MP4 - 727.08 MB


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This video was done as a custom request from a customer who wanted to see sploshing action while still clothed, a request she gladly complied with, but since she's a bit of a nudist, she couldn't help taking off her clothes briefly! We start near the pool with her in a semi-sheer white t-shirt and booty shorts. Once she finished pouring a bottle of water all over herself, they go from white to see-thru really quick, her now-hard nipples poking thru the front of the shirt. She pours some water down the front of her shorts, making even more parts visible. Clear corn syrup is the next addition so she's wet and Sticky. The next ingredient to our mess is some grape jelly, which when smeared across her body and clothing leaves a delightful light purple trail. She has a little bit of a hard time convincing all of it to come out, but finally gets it before moving on to the vanilla pudding which she mooshes all over and into her mouth. She also reaches into her waist-band and puts it between her cheeks, mashing it in with the fabric still covering her. The very last bit of the clip allows us to see her unsheathing her magnificent breasts from their clingy cloth prison! Having just taken off her shirt, we experiment with the kinds of noises that can be made when dropping her soaking top and bottom onto the cement. She goes to work on herself with some more clear corn syrup, making her skin super shiny and sticky. Our next bit of stickiness is achieved with molasses which she lays down to apply to herself. Another cup of vanilla pudding comes out and is rapidly spread all over, mixing into an orange-brown color with the other goodies. There's lots of squishing and splorshing noises in this video as she rolls and flops around in her puddle of mess. Out of curiosity, she tries putting the booty shorts back on, and then the top, feeling how heavy and awkward they are to wear again. Now clothed again, Chikkin drops to the ground and rolls around and wiggles, soaking up as much of the filth as she can with the already ruined clothing then bends over giving us an amazing ass shaking twerk session
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