Dakota Attacks

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19 YEAR OLD TOMBOY DAKOTA NOTICES HER DAD'S FRIEND STARING AT HER FEET... WHEN HER DAD LEAVES TO GO TO THE STORE....DAKOTA SHAKES THE GUY DOWN FOR MONEY!!! SHE CHARGES THE PERVERT $100 TO SUCK ON HER FEET... AND ANOTHER $100 TO YANK HIM OFF!!!! Joe and his Buddy are hanging out, watching Football......when his Tomboy Daughter Dakota decides to join them. Dakota is barefoot....and She can't help but notice that when She puts Her Feet up on the coffee table....Dad's friend, Dave can't keep his eyes off her Feet!!! When Her Dad leaves to go get more beer at the store....Dakota decides to "shake down" Dad's friend. "I noticed that you were staring at my Feet.....if you give me $100......I'll let you suck on my Feet..... My Dad won't be back for 15 minutes". Dad's friend is caught off guard by the proposal from a 19 Year Old Girl....but it's true.. ..he WAS staring at Dakota's cute, little bare feet.....so he agrees to pay Her to Suck on Her Feet!!! Dakota giggles as he kisses and sucks Her Feet....and then She decides to shake him down for even more money. "I'll Jerk ya Off for another $100......I'm a Jerky Girl" Dakota tells the guy. Before he can say no....Dakota has his pants down and his cock in Her soft, young Hand. Dakota shows him the Young Girls Rule as She Yanks a Geyser from his cock. A quick $200 for a Jerky Young Girl.....and a loss of money this pervert will have to explain to his Wife