Slow Tantric Milking

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WELCOME TO THE JERKY GIRLS TANTRIC MASSAGE PARLOR!!! WE GIVE BOYS FRUSTRATINGLY SLOW MILKINGS.... AND WE DON'T SPEED UP....EVEN WHEN THEY BEG US TO!!! KENDRA MAKES THIS CUSTOMER CRY WHEN HE CUMS!!!! Jerky Girls has opened the "Jerky Girls Tantric Massage Parlor". This is where we get bare naked....and give boys frustratingly slow handjobs.... while teasing them.....refusing to speed up......and making them cum on our terms!!! Today, Kendra is on Milking Duty, and She welcomes a customer, and reads him the Rules...."You are going to receive a frustratingly slow Milking.....I will not speed up...even if you beg....and if you try to Hump my Hand.... the Massage will stop you understand?". When She makes the customer agree to the Girl Power terms...Kendra leaves the room briefly.... and returns....NAKED!! Kendra uses such painfully slow strokes as She Dominates this's almost like She's stopped at times!! The boy whimpers as he begs Her to please speed he can release....but She refuses!!! Kendra knows that eventually the boy will keeps up the agonizingly slow pace....until, sure enough.....the boy's body goes into uncontrollable spasms and begins to ooze with semen....all over Kendra's Hands. As he is in full orgasmic bliss...he begins to thrust his hips towards Kendra's Hand....making Kendra stop immediately and yell at him "Don't Hump My Hand!!!". The boy...who is now crying after experiencing this Girl Power Milking apologizes to Kendra. When the boy finally settles down after this intense Milking Kendra tells him "you should get a glass of have just been extremely Milked by a little Girl&quot