Freebie Tuesday

Smoking Babysitters

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BOBBY IS TORMENTED BY 3 MEAN, SMOKING BABYSITTERS!!! THREE 19 YEAR OLD GIRLS ARE BABYSITTING BOBBY. THEY END UP SMOKING IN HIS PARENT'S BEDROOM. WHEN HE CATCHES THEM...THEY DECIDE TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH HIM!! THEY BLOW SMOKE AT HIS COCK...AND JERK HIM OFF INTO THEIR ASHTRAY!!! Three 19 Year Old Girls get a Job Babysitting for Bobby.....while his Parents go out for the evening. The three Girls.... Koda, Grace & Sayla end up in the Parent's Bedroom.....SMOKING!!!! The Girls all take turns lighting each other up...and having a great time smoking their Marlborough's!!! The little boy they are supposed to be Babysitting finds the Mean, Babysitters in his Parent's Bedroom. He is concerned about what the Mean, Babysitting Girls are the Girls decide to have a little fun with Bobby!!! The Girls take away his stuffed toy...and pull his pants down. Next...the three Girls blow some all over Bobby's cock....and then they start to play with his cock. Before long....Bobby has an erection!!! the Girls continue blowing smoke...and Jerking....until the 3 Mean Babysitting Girls Squirt Bobby's boy goo into an ashtray!!! Bobby has learned a valuable lesson.... DON'T MESS WITH 3 MEAN SMOKING BABYSITTERS WITH CUNTS