Smell and eat my boots and soles, slave



Spanish / Spain
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Do you know why you are here, my dear slave? Not for watching my beautiful nude body, not for sleeeping with me, and of course not for fucking me. You are here because you are only good for one thing: sniffing my filthy feet and boots and eating my shiiit. Come here and kneel in front of my pussy, today is your lucky day, because my feet in these old boots are extremely stinky, I never wear socks and these past days I have been wearing ones just for you! I will tell you what is going to happen: You are here for me, you are my foot sniffing and cleaning slave. You will open your nostrils and breath in the whiff in the top of my boots. But... this is not the only stench you will smell! My pussy right in front of your head is stinky too, hahahah. Yes, because I kept it unwashed, at least for 2 days, that is why I have got my dirty panties. This is not a problem to me, because you will clean it with your fucking tongue, did you understand me? You will stick you tongue out and clean every inch of my tight pussy. But don´t forget my boots, they are the main reason why I asked you to come. I will take them off slowly and you will put your nose on them to inhale my stinky smell. And finally... I have got a big surprise for you. Can you imagine yet? It is about my long toes and my soles, full of deadskin, dust and sweat, all mixed in a disgusting sticky toe jam! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you feel your place is always at my feet. HIGHLIGHTED: you are such a privileged slave with my boots and soles so close to your nose. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW