Mommy & Son. Storm Breeding

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You and your mother have taken your close relationship to a new extreme level recently, you were a little hesitant at first.. you don’t want to get your Mommy in any trouble and this is a felony. She gently dominates you into doing naughty things and you cant say no to her even though you know what you are doing is extremely wrong. You cant resist her and she’s horny as hell for her good boy, no one can satisfy her like you do. She softly wakes you surprised you are not already awake as there is a storm raging outside. Storms make her extra horny and she kisses you, craving her own sons tongue in her mouth. Suck her big mommy milkers, Mommys good dirty boy, she starts jerking you off as you suck harder. She now wants to milk her boy like all good mothers should and takes your straining cock in her mouth, gently sucking and licking the cock she created. You empty your balls like a good boy giving her a Hugh load of fertile seed to play with. She desperately wants you inside her and talks extreme filth to you while you fuck knowing exactly how to get you to the brink, storm fucking with your own mother.. This time its going to be a little different though, instead of pulling out like you always do, she wants you to explode your sticky white load inside her right up to her cervix. Don’t you pull out Honey, she wants to feel you explode right up to her cervix and she’s going to clamp her pussy around your ejaculating dick so even if you wanted to theres no way you can pull out… Breed, impregnate and knock up the pussy that created you, theres a good boy. This was ordered as a custom. Penny Loren, British, English, Taboo, MILF, Mommy/Son, Family, Dildo, Breeding, Storm sound affects, Impregnation, Extreme dirty Talk, Stockings and suspenders, Close Ups, Blow Job, 2 Cumshots, Massive pussy creampie, Big Tits, Mommy Roleplay, Gentle Domination, Kink.

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