Mommy rewards you for your better school



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Custom-You are dressed the same as in the first video, black strapless dress, white pearls, black heels and long black gloves. Your hair is done up the same way with nice makeup (you look fabulously beautiful). You are sitting on the sofa, your legs crossed so we get a good look at your dress, shapely legs and heels. You call your son into the room. You light a cigarette and blow smoke towards him. "Come and sit next to me". He sits next to you. "I see that your reports from school are much better now. I think you deserve a reward from mommy." You kiss him passionately with an open mouth, tonguing kiss. Your hand strokes his cock through his pants. "I know you stare at me when I smoke. Do you get hard when mommy smokes? Do you stroke your cock and think about mommy's lips and hot mouth. It's okay. Maybe you'd like me to blow some smoke on your cock while I suck it for you. Would you like that, dear? Would you like your mother to give you a smokey blowjob?" He nods yes and takes out his cock. You bend over and start to kiss, lick and suck on his cock, occasionally smoking and blowing smoke on his cock. Lots of slow sensual licking around the cock head, looking into the camera. His hand is massaging your ass, going up your dress to play with your pussy. "I love your hot cock in my mouth -it makes my pussy wet to suck it", as you look into the camera and tease the tip of his cock with your tongue. "I know you like to rub your cock while you look at mommy. You dream about shooting your cum into my mouth, don't you?" You lick the tip of his cock while looking into the camera, then take a drag from the cigarette and slowly blow smoke over the cock as you look into the camera. "Mommy loves your big hard cock". You give his cock little kisses, then take it deep and suck it up and down, letting some saliva drool out as you suck. " Put down your cigarette and tell him "Mommy has a treat for you." You get on your hands and knees on the couch so we can see your full body including your beautiful ass in that dress and your legs and heels. He stands at the end of the couch so that you can take him into your mouth. "Fuck my mouth, darling, really give it to mommy." He thrusts into your mouth gently and holds your hair as he continues to thrust. You make your mouth wet so saliva drools out as his cock goes in and out of your mouth. After a couple of minutes, you stand up, you both embrace for passionate kisses, one hand around his neck and the other on his cock, while his hands explore your body. You kneel down in front of him and take your cigarette again to blow smoke on his cock. "I want you to shoot your cum into my mouth. Can you do that for mommy?" You lick his cock up and down and all around the tip, blowing smoke on it as you smoke. "Be a naughty boy and come in mommy's mouth". You kiss and tease the tip of his cock, then open your mouth and look into his eyes as he comes onto your tongue. You use your tongue to play with his cum and look into the camera as cum drools out your mouth and onto his cock, which you keep sucking in and out