Wet Levis Jeans Fun Begging 4 Cum

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Brittany Lynn is in her favorite pair of Levis jeans and she is standing in front of her bathtub. She is looking back at you in your POV and she knows you love her ass in jeans. She also knows you love seeing her get her ass wet while in jeans. So, she steps into the tub and starts to let her pant legs get wet, which sees the jeans turn a darker color as the get wetter and wetter. She slowly submerges her entire body in the bath water and before you know it her jeans are totally wet. She then flips over in the tub to show off her wet ass for you. She stands back up after a bit and continues to show off her wet jeans covered ass as she delivers the kind of dirty talk she is known for. She gets back down in the tub and when she is on her back you can see right through her white wet t-shirt. Her big tits look great wet too and after some more showing off of her jeans she gets a naughty idea. She unbuttons her jeans and starts to masturbate right in front of you. She then urges you to get your cock out and start jerking off for her. She not only wants to cum for you and have you cum for her, but she wants to cum with you at the same time. She rolls over on her tummy again and bobs her wet jeans covered ass up and down as she rubs her pussy furiously. She is ready to cum and knows you are too. As she is cumming the view goes close-up to her wet jeans covered ass. She tells you to cum all over her wet Levis ass as she lets out a big orgasm. After she cums for you and you have cum for her she gives you a look that tells you she will be back for more wet Levis jeans fun soon. Included in this clip: Jeans Fetish, Wet, Wet T-Shirt, Bathtub Fetish, Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Masturbation, Levis, Levis Jeans, POV, Wet Ass, Wet Jeans, Close-Up, Blondes, Brittany Lynn