Little Red and the Beast 1080 HD

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Starring Tammie Madison & Julia de Lucia When grandma is disturbed by an odd looking trick or treater, she is not sure how to handle him. She doesn't need her glasses to see that this critter has wild intentions. He's a beast who wants to make her old bones shake and rattle as he ravishes her. Grandma might be long in the tooth, but she's no stranger to the wild ways of the wood. She took care of the passing lumberjacks back in her day. She's convinced her dentures will hold out as she gobbles greedily at the wolf's big dick. "The women in my knitting club are not going to believe this!" grandma muses as the beats pounds her out from behind. He explodes inside of grandma, leaving her full of his wild spunk, before he sets on her and swallows her whole. When innocent and curious teen, Little Red (aka Julia de Lucia) skips through the wood on her way to care for her grandma, she has no idea what is lying in wait for her. Something doesn't seem quite right with grandma today. Her ears look a little bit longer, her eyes a little bit wider, her nose a little more hairy, and her dick...My gosh! Grandma has a dick...and it's a big one! "All the better for fucking you with!" Grandma wolf exclaims as Little Red's head is pulled towards the beast's exposed crotch. "Didn't you come her to take care of grandma darling? Well then, be a good girl and help grandma out." Of course Little Red obliges. She strips naked and makes herself available for the beast to use as they see fit. It's an age-old tale