Your Soul Is Mine Now

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Your soul is mine now, there's no return! I'm a Succubus and I'm gonna take from you the most precious thing you have. By simply watching this you submit to me and with the help of my unlimited power, I will make you my slave, my personal item, my puppet, I will make a comb from your bones after I crack them. There is no escape for you, I know you feel like a trapped mouse and you should feel like that, because you really are in this dangerous situation! I can take control of your body, if I want to, I can make you to to do anything I want! Don't let yourself to be fooled by my sexy appearance, my soul is darker than hell and what I call home you probably call inferno! Like I said, I can make you do whatever I want, and now I want you to masturbate! No, it's not for your pleasure, not at all, I just need your cum for... demonic purposes, you needn't know what I'll use it for, you just have to provide it for me, any time I ask. Does the cow care that her milk is going to be turned into yogurt or butter? No, she has no idea, she probably wouldn't even understand such complex processes. Now you just have to follow my orders and rub that slimy cock for me, and I want you to do it quickly, my time and patience for mortals like you are limited. So I want from you to rub that dick faster and faster until you cum. Of course, you'll have plenty things that will inspire you: for example my big round boobs or my dark lips, or maybe you like my blue hair and tiny waist. I can take any appearance I desire, and I chose this one, it will surely catch the eyes of many mortals. Yes, you're not the only one that masturbates in front of a succubus, I'm like the spider, I'm weaving a spider web that will assure me immortality! Oh, good, you're panting and your cock is throbbing, you're quite near... But I want you on the edge! I want you to cum, now! Yes, give me your cum, praise your Goddess by offering her what she needs most: cum. Your cum grants me life, even bigger boobs and your memories, all of them. You'll probably ask what I need your memories for: I feed on them, darling, they are a gourmet dish for me and, of course, unlimited knowledge. If I absorb enough memories I will eventually become omniscient, like God. Then I will kick God in the ass and I will rule in his stead and my empire will be darkness. Keywords: masturbation-instructions, jerk-off-instructions, JOI, Halloween, Halloween-JOI, Halloween-instructions, Succubus, Succubus-instructions, demonic-possession, Succubus-possession, mind-control, magic-control, domination, female-domination, Succubus-domination, FEMDOM, blue-hair, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, Halloween-special, tit-play, edge-play, goth, lace, pumpkin