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Demonic Possession

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This will help you understand why I'm doing what I'm doing... I use my old grimoire, it was actually my mother's, it's very old, it's like 500 years old! My mother lived long, you know, up to 300, in fact, and after she was gone I stole all her occult grimoires and witchery paraphernalia, they belong to me now! So I'm gonna summon a very powerful demon, let's see, summoning... here! I found it, page 387! Whoa...whoa, what's happening to me? Why do I feel strange? Why do I feel like my body is not mine anymore? It feels like I have something else in my body and there's not enough space for two souls. What? Those are some laundry hooks, put them back down now! I always forget to put things where they belong. Wait, why am I attaching them to my boobs??? That's certainly not the place where they belong! It's like my hands don't listen to my commands anymore. It hurts! It hurts like hell, those laundry hooks are strong, well, they are built to keep the laundry in place!. I have such thin pale and sensitive skin on my boobs! I want to take them off, but I can't! I just keep adding more and more! I'm not doing this, something is in my body, controlling it. I must find an escape, I must get rid of this evil creature before it hurts me even more. Let's see, how do I undo the process? Oh, it's written here, but it's a long text, like seven pages, it's more complicated to send it back than to summon it... I'll try by myself, I hope I don't need an exorcist!... What? What happened? Something hurts and I have no idea what exactly hurts. Oh, I have like ten laundry hooks clamped on my boobs and no idea how they got here. I must take them out quickly, or my boobs will have a lot of bruises