Succubus Sister

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1. I found some old occult grimoires and decided to use them, just to see what happens! I dressed myself up as a witch - I thought you cannot do such things dressed in sparkling sparkles. The grimoires are so old that the writing is barely visible and they are written in such a strange language I can barely understand. I know that it's recommended to draw a protective circle around you, for security reasons, but for me all of this began as a joke and I didn't think something serious, something real was about to happen. I was just having fun, it's Halloween and people mess with this kind of things. I thought it will be harmless and fun. Well, I wasn't more wrong in my entire life. 2. My sister is acting weird. I enter her room and find that she reads something from a book, an old one, then rolls her eyes and laughs maliciously. Is it really my sister? It is and it is not at the same time, it's paradoxical. She looks like her, nothing's changed, but her voice and behavior are completely out of place! It seems like her body is a puppet for something really evil, I feel it when I look into her eyes! She is beginning to frighten me, she speaks about herself in third person admiring her boobs and body while I ask her to put her tits back in her shirt and act normal... I don't know what got into her! I've seen all about demonic possession in movies and this is how it looks like! Now she's doing this maniacal laughter that causes a lot of fear! Maybe this is not my sister after all, I think, observing her behavior and shamelessness. Maybe she finally succeeded and summoned some evil spirit that gotten directly into her. She doesn't seem dangerous, though, but I have no idea what will happen next. Apparently she wants my cock, she's opening my jeans and takes out my cock. Normally I wouldn't do this with my sister, but this is a demon, and if I don't comply it might hurt me! She wants to suck my cock and she has amazing skills, she's determined and bewitches me with those big beautiful eyes. Well, as I found quite quickly, she doesn't do it for me, she really needs my cum, for witchy purposes. I feel like I'm milked, I'm used, but thank God the process is pleasant. She does not hurry, she sucks it quietly until it gets hard and after that she even DeepThoates my cock! As I know my sister always complains without any shame of her annoying gag reflex but now she DeepThoats my dick without any problem, so this is certainly not my sister! Plus, my sister doesn't fuck in the ass, she complains that it hurts and it's unpleasant for her and this creature now orders me to put it in her ass. I love her ass, it's tiny and tights my cock. This makes me even hornier. She's moaning, wanting more, but I have a huge cock, I'm afraid that I'll hurt her if I put it all in. She moves her ass, pushes her ass against my cock, wants more. Wow, it looks like she has an anal orgasm right now! I jumped to conclusions, of course, but it's not so bad to fuck a demon (in the ass). She keeps repeating she needs my cum, I don't know why, but she needs it and I'm really inpatient to give it to her, I want an orgasm too! So after I make sure I fucked her little ass like no one did before I allowed myself to cum, all over her ass and body. Another strange event happened: the cum from her body vanished few minutes later, like she absorbed it somehow. I hope my real sister won't remember anything from this mad adventure! Keywords: Halloween, taboo, blowjob, deepthroat, handjob, hardcore-deepthroat, anal, anal-sex, doggystyle-anal, demonic-possession, succubus, succubus-possession, magic control, mind-fuck, magic, spell, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, ass, ass-fucking, cum-on-clothes, blue-hair, goth, sister, bratty, fishnets