Freebie Tuesday

19yo CHERISH is a Video Virgin! 1ST VID


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
13:25 min - Oct 30 - .MP4 - 149.72 MB - 640x480


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19yo CHERISH is a Video Virgin! 1ST VID! I met Cherish when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. We toast to her very first porn vid. She describes herself as a "wild, outgoing freak who likes to get down and dirty, have a good time, and make guys cum down her throat." Born in San Jose, California. Raised in Newark, Modesto, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. 19 years old. Got into porn through her roommate, Carmella Bing. Cherish has 2 brothers. One knows what she's doing. So do her parents. She's "high off of life and sex." Likes hanging out on the Las Vegas Strip and meeting new guys. Her ass is her best quality of hers, she says. Peels jeans down to reveal a big PAWG booty. No current boyfriend. Recently ended a bad relationship. Pierced nipples on her A cup boobs. Poses for me in doggy. Shaved pussy and asshole. Previous work experience has been in retail and as a volunteer community helper. First sexual experience was with another girl at 9. First guy at 15. Swallowed cum from age 15. Keeping her asshole a virgin. Plans to become a huge star in porn. When told it's time to start sucking, Cherish asks, "Where do you want me?" I like her attitude. Lip lock on my cock. Great eye contact. She flicks her tongue stud to the base of my shaft. "This dick tastes good! I love this fat dick! I want you to shoot a fat load in my mouth! Please, can I have this cock, Sir!" More begging for cum. "You want to cum in my mouth, baby? You going to shoot a fat load in my fucking mouth? I want that load gushing down my throat! I want to feel it! Better cum all down my throat!" Ball licking. "I'm on a mission to get this cum out of this fucking cock. I'm going to suck it so hard, it's going to bust all down my fucking throat and it's going to taste really good! So give up that fucking cock and give me that cum!" A white, hot mess is dumped into her mouth and swallowed. I wish her millions of great scenes yet never see or hear from her again