Toilet habits - plops, pads, pee, fartin



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So i was traveling when my per*** came, ugh.....I planned this trip for like 8 months and never went through, always for some idiot reason and the last time was due to weather. Well, i decided that no weather would interfere on my decision to take cpl days of and i hit the road. So, on saturday was all good and all but on sunday when i wake up, suddenly i feel this aweful smell and didnt know where it came from....o well as soon as i take my clothes off to take a shower, i felt the **** coming down my legs and i didnt have any pads at the time and i was kinda far from downtown, so i decided to give a good look at my purse and found a tampon lost there. Thank god! Im in a hotel btw, next clips is at home and thank god im home as i just hate having cramps and changing pads and tampons in public bathrooms