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Visiting My Step Sister At College

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1,403 3.0
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pantsu1 Nov 8 2017
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Much less lactation than I thought when I purchased this vid, the drips in the preview and a little before the preview occurs is all the lactation present in the video. That disappointment aside, the sex in the video is really good. My only nitpick is we don't get to see all of the girl for much of the penetration scenes, about half of them are POV for longer than my personal tastes. All in all, not a bad video

So my little step sister called me and told me that her and her boyfriend broke up and that she needed to see me. So like a good big brother I drove 4 hours to see her. So she's telling me the story of how they broke up and all I'm thinking about is fucking her. So after I endured her story of how they broke up I had to see them titties and a few minutes later my BBC was in her mouth and we were back to how we used to be when she was back home. She made the four hour trip worth it. SN: She gonna have to explain to me why her tits were lactating while I was fucking her