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Ballbusting Fun - Luna Lain WMV

11:20 min - Nov 08 - .WMV - 404.70 MB


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This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot com <BR><BR> Luna Lain greets her slave with the special treat of her nude body. She orders him up from his kneeling position and lightly grazes his dick with her converse sneakers. The light touch makes his cock extra sensitive and she hasn't even started kicking. <BR><BR> The real kicks make him bend over in pain and she coolly commands him to the standing position. Alternating between the left and right balls, she easily makes him fall to the prostration position. She's been going easy on him and slams her foot between his legs. <BR><BR> Teasing his balls, she flutters the toe of her shoes against his dick and wants to work on his pain tolerance. It's pleasurable to hear the popping sound of his crotch beneath her feet. <BR><BR> Luna has him hold his dick out of the way so she can give maximum impact to the balls. A few kicks and he goes to the ground rolling in agony as she saunters away. <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS-ball busting, legs, sneaker fetish, bodybusting, female domination, domination, nude ballbusting, leg fetish, runners, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, redhead, red hair, all natural, @LunaLainXX