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Friend Shrinking Lesson MP4

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Please note that this custom is based on the camera "walking" through Jacquelyn Velvets with a side story of shrinking. <BR><BR> Jacquelyn puts a spandex dress over her gold bikini and admires herself in the mirror, knowing she looks great. A little lipgloss and a little powder add the finishing touches as someone knocks on the door. <BR><BR> Her backstabbing friend came by and Jacquelyn gets an evil laugh as she plans revenge. They chat over a snack and the frienemy quickly shrinks. <BR><BR> Jacquelyn is gleeful about her humiliating transformation and berates her for being an awful person. She always made Jackie feel bad about herself and now it's time for her to feel small and insignificant. There's no way for her to be saved now! <BR><BR> Lifting her up by her fingers, Jacquelyn dumps her in the toilet and flushes her away. Nobody should get in her way! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- voyeur fetish, femdom, transformation fetish, transformation fantasy, Jacqueline Velvets, blondes, big tits, curvy