Dirty Talk and Stuffing My Dirty Panties

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Clarabelle Woods

American / the mountains
1,714 5.0
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Clara's soft voice, ironically had the opposite affect on my cock, teasingly asking what I (or you) think she smells like or tastes like. She proceeds to talk dirty while rubbing herself through her cute, striped panties. Early on she turns around to show off her beautiful butt cheeks and tells you that she came twice in the panties she's wearing, getting them nice and scented for the lucky recipient of said undies.

What makes this video so hot is that while Clara is very smutty in the things she says, it's in complete contrast with how she looks. First of all, she has no tattoos or piercings (none that I noticed at least) and she has beautiful pale skin. It's like she's a pure white canvas waiting for someone to make that initial brush stroke. It makes her appear more innocent than she is. We soon find out that she has a very naughty side.

Speaking of stroking, Clara rhetorically asks if you want her to take her panties off and being the mind-reading minx she is, she does it! She turns around and slowly lowers them, revealing her cute little bum, which goes well with her young, toned body. It seems rather cute and innocent until she grabs her left cheek and spreads it, giving an all-too-brief rear view of her tight, enticing pussy.

There's no time to be disappointed however, as she quickly turns around and reveals a full but beautifully trimmed bush that is sure to please anyone who is a fan of hair down there, as I am. I think her name Woods refers to the fact that she likes spending time outdoors but it could refer to the well-manicured forest between her shapely thighs. Those are woods I wouldn't mind getting lost in.

What Clara does next is the naughtiest stuff in the video. She removes her panties and sniffs them approvingly. Then she shows a close-up of how dirty her panties are, which do in fact look like they've been cummed in a few times.

The money shot however is when Clara stuffs the gusset of her panties into her "tight, sweet little pussy," "soaking up every last little drop and scent." Hearing her utter those words in a low, breathy voice combined with the visual of her pretty, pantie-stuffed pussy was enough to send me over the edge.

Let's just say I was "sawing" my own "wood" for Clarabelle Woods and now that I have this video, I'll be sawing it many more times, thanks to Clara's incredibly sexy display.

Thank you!

NorahSolano - Top reviewer Feb 24
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Damn -- Clarabelle really knows how to tantalize and tease, and her words are so enticing and exciting as she slips the gusset of her panties into her creamy pussy. I wish I could be there to taste them after!

I got these panties so dirty for you and I'm going to tell you just how I did it, exactly how I taste and exactly how I smell. If you're very good, I'll even let you watch me stuff the gusset into my tight, creamy pussy. Panties, panty stuffing, petite, blonde, teen, ass worship, dirty talk, bra fetish, lace, lingerie, cotton panties, fit girls, tease and denial
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