Savannah destroys in the nude


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
9:20 min - Oct 30 - .MP4 - 860.13 MB


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Its been awhile since Savannah has taken on a male opponent in the nude. But when she was changing into her outfit for the ring, a man from the men's team snuck in and challenged her to a fight. When she tired to put on her clothes to vs him, he just stripped off his shorts and told her it was a naked match! Not about to back down Savannah faces off in the ring, she is pissed. She doesn't let anyone order her around like that. Time to wipe his sorry ass all over the ring. She takes him down, uses her strong thighs to make him tap over and over. With no clothes standing between her and his flesh, her legs are even more powerful then normal. She wraps her thick thighs around his neck and body crushing him with her immense strength. She uses her lighting quick power to take him down, making him tap and beg her to stop. When this loser finally gets her in a hold, he tries to sit on her face! He wipes his ass and balls on her face! That's crossing the line. Savannah screams and sees red! How dare he do that to HER! She is done fighting fair! She reaches her legs up from the bottom and gets him in a body scissor to get him off her. She traps him and spanks him, he is in for a world of hurt now! She sits on his face in a figure four and grabs his balls. She pulls and tugs on then as he is trapped helplessly beneath her huge ass. She squeezes his balls as hard as she can trying to make them pop. She puts him in a school girl pin and uses her pussy to crush his windpipe. He frantically taps and she releases him for a second just to wrap her legs around him in a figure four. She squeezes him hard, eager to finish this asshole. She is going to make him pay the price for pushing her around. She grabs his head and shoves it deep between her sweaty ass cheeks. She knows her reverse head scissor will do the job, or should she s m other him out with her big ass? Hmm choices choices