Small Dick Deformity



American / Atlanta, GA
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You've been emailing me for months talking about "how hard" I make your cock and how you "love to jerk it" for me. You're so proud of that thing that hang between your legs. Let me see it. What's the matter? All bark and no bite? Show me what you're working with. Expose yourself to me. You can't be serious. That's it?! HAHAHAHAHA! I have never seen a dick that small. Fuck you can't even call that a dick. It's more like an infected bump HAHA! Oh geez. You're getting excited by me laughing at you aren't you? Is that as big as it gets? This has to be a joke. Seriously? Wow you must hate yourself. You're legit deformed. You will never be able to have a girlfriend with that nanodicklet. Aww you're telling me you're hard now? I can't really tell since it's so damn tiny. Oh I can't resist. Let me see you stroke that deformity the way I tell you. Think I'm going to let you get off? I wouldn't be so sure. Get this clip to find out
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