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HarleyQ Hookup Pt 2- Caught by Supergirl

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Johnny X Starlight

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Oracledante Dec 7 2017
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A wonderful romp and I lust SuperGirl!

Harley Quinn brought home her newest hookup. She didn't realize that he's actually Supergirl's boyfriend! Supergirl storms in the room, she brought something for Harley Quinn- a strap on to suck while she's getting fucked! She sucks the dildo before Supergirl makes her take off her shoes and clean her dirty, sweaty feet from fighting crime all day. Then Supergirl fucks Harley Quinn from behind while she sucks off and swallows her boyfriend's cum! Harley Q begs Supergirl to let her cum, but she doesn't get to until the boyfriend does. The two leave Harley Quinn used up on her bed for her puddin' to find. Starring- Lux Lives as Harley Quinn @luxliv3s Kai Bailey as The Hookup @kaibaileyxxx Johnny Starlight as Supergirl @jxxxstarlightsm