Freebie Tuesday

Ebony In PVC, A Well Packed Snack



Nigerian / Candyland
23:48 min - Oct 30 - .MP4 - 737.68 MB


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HD - CUSTOM - We start the fun off early, it's still daylight outside when I show up in a bubble-gum pink skin tight Vinyl dress. I'm going out as an erotic Black Barbie and you're trying to be Rock-Hard Ken. After telling you no, your constant bugging wears me down. I turn around and show you how tightly I have this booty wrapped. Smacking my ass has never turned you on more, the sweet sound of vinyl against my plump skin. Your dick throbs on while I bend forward and rub my body twisting my wrist. Pure instroktion in case these curves have you forgetting how to jerk it. Licking my pink painted lips that are glistening like a porn star ready for her big BJ scene. The louder I moan the faster you stroke. I tell you to hurry up and bust on my dress so that we can run along to the haunted house and other festivities. You let one loose on my ass as I moan and lick my lips.    Once we're back home, you want another tour of my Barbie world. Standing over you I boss that dick around and twist back n' forth in this PVC dress. When you start leaking pre- cum I bend over on the sheep skin rug and unzip this early Christmas present for you. My ass pops out of this dress something serious once I pull down the zipper. This is when the booty spreading starts. My curves and fluffy ass give you something to cuddle up to during this spooky holiday season. Ass smacking under crisp bright lights has you seeing this beautyhole in all its tight beloved glory :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN