Teased and edged to orgasm

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In this teasing clip watch as I ring My personally owned slave who is in mental chastity for a VERY long time. He must not dare touch it and he is not allowed to cum on his own. Mistress ALWAYS has to there. I come in dressed in a lovely nude dress and heels. He doesn't know what he's in for today. Although he never does, He was quite delighted when he realized I was going to release those aching full balls. In My mind I like to call them cum days. I usually leave him frustrated for at least a month before I grant him his orgasm. I'm a nasty bitch at times and I quite frequently give him a ruined orgasm. I edge him a number of times and his cock is getting more and more sensitive. I know it's not going to be long until he's begging to cum,,, After a few intense edges I finally give the best hand job and release he;s had in weeks!! He was very thankful. He ofcoarse is told that He must clean all his mess up