Freebie Tuesday

Dig For Gold


Bratty Jamie

American / us
12:54 min - Oct 31 - .WMV - 235.00 MB


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I know exactly why you are here you are here because you need the stress relief that only i can bring when you jerk off to me. I know how bad you want to cum to me you have been thinking of it all day. Now lucky for you I am going to allow you to cum but first you must show me how bad you want to blow your load. Good now go ahead drop your pants and start jerking slowly. Feel yourself becoming hard for me while tease you with my perfect body. I put my ass right in your face and you can instantly feel your balls wanting to explode but oh no not till I say. Good now that you are so hard for me I want you to take you hand off your cock now relax as you slide a finger inside your ass. Feels good right? Stretch that ass for me now 2 fingers come on remember you have to earn that orgasm. Really dig up there now like you are digging for gold that's right don't stop in and out ok good now you can begin jerking again wait for count