Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday




British / ARIZONA
13:21 min - Nov 08 - .WMV - 495.72 MB


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Goldie is getting ready for a dinner party she is putting on dressing in her lingerie stockings and heels checking herself out in her long mirror she keeps tripping and treading on her waders she used to clean her pool earlier,when she notices her necklace is missing , she decides it must have fallen in her pool and has to take off her heels and put on her waders to find it in her pool leaving on her lingerie she hopes she can keep clean and dry in her waders and rubber gloves she picks up and puts on by the pool..Goldie steps into the pool in the shallow end looking for her necklace finally finding it on the step almost out of reach for the rubber gloves as she takes several attempts to retrieve it the water she can feel seeping over the top of the gloves until finally with her finger tips she gets it...Now to strip of her rubber waders and gloves and hope her lingerie is dry to dress for the evening