Helen Tempts You into Blackmail

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Naughty chav school girl Helen has come to visit you in your classroom knowing you have finished teaching all your lessons for the day. She has heard rumours at St Mackenzies that you are a complete pervert, always sleazing over your own St Williams students. This has given her an idea. She has arrived still wearing her slutty, chavy school uniform and underneath she has on her black stockings & suspenders. She teases you, flashing her stocking tops, getting you all excited. She starts to strip off her uniform, her top, tie and shirt showing you her cute bra. Helen continues to strip for you, seducing you, luring you into her trap, and soon she is in just her panties, heels & stockings. As she encourages you tell her what you would like to do with her, proving you are a dirty pervert teacher who should not be trusted. However the classroom has been previously rigged with spy cameras and, just as you think your luck is in, she reveals that your whole admission to liking school girls had been recorded! I think you have figured out what will happen next, and you are right, if you do not pay you will be ousted, losing your job and everything else you hold dear