Mercedes Makes You Lick Her Sweaty Feet

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Mercedes has come to meet you after her hockey lesson. You think youre in luck but dont be fooled. She is going to use your desperation to be with her to make you to do horrible things. She explains how her thick sports socks in her synthetic trainers are soaked with sweat, and her feet are hot and sticky, and how you are going to lick them! She promises if you do as you are told she will strip for you. Being such a desperate loser you are eager to please so you get on the floor where you belong and watch as she slips her sweaty trainers off. You can smell the strong odour of her feet as she does and you know the sweaty socks are coming your way, right into your face, under your nose and into your mouth! Mercedes loves how you are doing exactly as she tells you, and as she peels off her hot sweaty socks she explains how you are going to have to suck her toes, lick the soles of her feet and have them in your face, even though they stink! She strip off her bra, indulging you as you get ready to wrap your lips around her hot sweaty feet, but first she demonstrates exactly how you should suck on her by bending over her stinky feet and taking her big toe in her mouth sucking it hard. So now you need to open wide, and I hope you are ready to do some serious licking, sucking and worshipping of her dirty, sweaty, sticky and smelly feet