Punished For Not Getting It Up



American / Orlando, Fl
6:55 min - Oct 31 - .MP4 - 210.94 MB


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Slave Fluffy really really wanted to shoot a sounding scene today, but instead he'll be taking a wooden paddle across his ass. Why? Because little Fluffy couldn't get it up for the camera. lol some "male talent" he is. Looks like Fluffy is going to be reminded of what a slave's place is. Groveling for mercy while on the receiving end of an ass beating. The sound of the wood cracking against his ass really turns me on. I alternate between swats of the paddle and digging my claws into his sensitive ass. I order him to count out each hit and say "sorry Goddess". He does fine in the beginning but I speed up the hits and all of a sudden my limp dick slave loses count. Which only earn his more spanks. Hard or not, I'll always get my way
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