Headmistress & Sophia Punish You Hard

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My Head Girl Sophia has caught you in the dormitory, under her bed, with your hand in your trousers. So she has tied your hands behind you back and brought you to my Headmistress office. She has wanting to have a go at caning for a while so asks if she could have a go at punishing you. Knowing she wants a career as a teacher I decide now would be the best time for me to teach her a few things. So we strip you and make you bend over the desk, and to make sure you do not cry out we stuff your mouth with your tie. First I make you look at me as I cane your bottom hard, before letting Sophia whip you with my swishy schooling whip. However it does not stop there as we make you face the wall so we can administer more lashes against your already sore bottom