Sophia Teases You with Her Gym Panties

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St Mackenzie's Head Girl Sophia has heard you are in Headmistress office after being caught starring up skirts to look at the student & teachers panties. So she has decided to have some fun and tease you with her own very cheeky gym panties. She allows you to look up her short gym skirt and you can see the big soft panties up close. She is also wearing a thong underneath which she pulls up high to show you, but you know you are only really interested in those big soft panties. She strips off the rest of her gym kit, flashing the front and back of the navy blue panties as she does, occasionally wedging herself knowing it will wind you up even more. Eventually she strips off her panties and thong too and as she stands in front of you completely naked she cannot resist placing the panties over your face & head. However she has one more tease that will get you ready to burst, as she slips the gym panties back on but with nothing underneath, and then pulls them up high so they press hard against her