Freebie Tuesday

Your girlfriend gives you JOI and pees



Spanish / Spain
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It is a long time without seeing each other, my lovely man. I hope you are fine and everything is going well there. I must be sincere, I miss you so much. I know you miss me, too. Distance hurts. I remember you every day and I have been thinking about giving you a surprise you will never forget. Remember that special wish you always asked me? Today I am ready for it, I will satisfy your desires, baby. I will pee fully nude for your pleasure, this will be so exciting. This may be the first time of many future times. I am really desperate to pee, right here, right now, on the floor. But first I will flirt and provoke you with my body, I am so horny, just like you. I miss your kisses, your arms around me and your cock in my pussy. So don´t lose your time and jerk off with me, let´s be naughty. I will show you what I am wearing under my babydoll. I will touch myself too, my pussy is so wet and hot... Oh I am so needy of you, honey. I will take my lingerie off... Look at me fully nude. Your cock is about to explode now, ummmmmm. I will be on my fours so as you can see my delightful asshole, I will open my legs too. Crazy! But this is what you are really expecting, I know: I will stand up and pee, I will let the pee goes down straight to the floor like a yellow stream. Do you like it, baby? Watch my pussy closer... see the pee going out from me. It is all for you, my dear. Do whatever you want with it. It is still warm. You will never forget this day. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: Nobody has granted one of your wishes before. HIGHLIGHTED: An obliging girl for a lucky guy. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW