Paranormal Fucktivity


Johnny X Starlight

American / Nevada
15:07 min - Oct 31 - .MP4 - 341.73 MB


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Lux finds a strange book in her house with some rituals in it, and her and her friend Johnny decide to see what one of them and record what happens! Just as Lux starts to chant the lights flicker and an evil spirit appears. Johnny goes out, but the Spirit binds Lux's hands and pulls his cock out. She sucks him off until he is done with her, disappearing again. Johnny wanders upstairs, strips, and is pulled naked into a closet. Lux summons the Spirit once again, this time binding him. She fucks him while Johnny wanders back into the room and stares at them; she rides him until he is defeated- or is he? Lux is in for a surprise spanking and more... Starring- Casey V @smuttyPA Lux Lives @luxlives Johnny Starlight @jxxxstarlightsm