Legs and feet tease

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Russian / HELL
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3:31 min - Oct 31 - .MP4 - 191.84 MB - 1920x1080 HD
Max1488 Nov 11

Sexy feet bb😘
Я мечтаю об етих ножках❤️

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Your gorgeous & your makeup is absolutely amazing!

Ryumoau - Top reviewer Dec 16
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She has some of the most beautiful bare feet i've seen on this site. It was a pleasure to watch her tease us with them.

OrangMahn - Top reviewer Nov 12
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GREAT foot fetish video...a gorgeous girl with perfect feet giving a great performance. This is one of the best free vids I have seen and definitely worth getting, even if you don't have much of a foot fetish and just appreciate beauty.

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Sexy and seductive leaving me wanting more thanks

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I fucking love your gorgeous feet Mistress I would love be suffocated and crushed under them thank you for the video Mistress Xandria <3

mmm sounds perfect, want u under my feet slave

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fantastic feet tease and you look absolutely beautiful!

Pleasure to hear,  thnk you ^_^

bsugrad17676 - Top reviewer Oct 31
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What an amazing tease! Xandria has amazing feet that I would love to rub and suck on!

great thnXXXXX <3

Cummy Dee - Top reviewer Oct 31
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I have a foot fetish and I got so turned on watching this tease video. Goth Kitty has pretty feet and her toes looked very nice painted with black toenail polish. Her toes definitely caused me to have an erection. I also like her accent and her style. This video turned me into a worshipper of Goth Kitty's feet!

Thank u so much, Kitty pleased to hear that <3

Goth kitty shows you her small feet, taking extreme high heels off, then stockings off and teases you with her black toenails and smooth soles..))) Come to worship Kitty's feet, leave 5 stars review and get 50% discount promo code