Sissy Hair makeover


Lady Karame

German / Hamburg
8:24 min - Oct 31 - .MP4 - 1,020.18 MB


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I am so bored of my sissy's hairstyle. He looks like a man with slutty titties. I want to make her look more girly. So I decided to to give my sissy a new hair makeover. First of all I have to to get rid of all the pathetic hair on my sissy's head, so that my sexy girly hair wig fits on his head perfectly. It excites me further when the sissy begs not to trim his beautiful hair. But I don't care at all for his crocodile tears. All I want is my sissy to look more girly and more slutty. After all the trimming, the girly hair wig fits perfectly on my sissy slave's head. Now my sissy looks more slutty and I love the new makeover